We are MyPrimarket, Nice to meet you!

Our online store offers Polish cosmetics and Beauty products at competitive prices with various delivery options to almost any spot on earth.

MyPrimarket.com was created in response to requests raised by Ziaja, Bielenda and other brands of Polish cosmetics lovers.
You will find on our website a huge verity of natural cosmetics, for men and women. Check out the great products offered by MyPrimarket.com, including the Yego series for men and the famous Goat Milk series by Ziaja. Remember, Natural cosmetics are good for your body, because they are ... natural.
Where are we located?
As mentioned, we are in Poland but to be more specific - we are based in Gdansk, a beautiful city on the Baltic coast.
Our mode of work
The truth is that our work is far less complex than it seems: we identify a need, for example - come across a Facebook post about a particular cosmetic product, follow the comments to that post, the questions and answers, try to understand the degree of product popularity among potential customers and then - find the manufacturer in Poland, get an excellent price for the product and adding it on to our site.

We are not greedy and we know that like us, you are also smart enough so on the cost price of the products we add our modest commission. The difference between the price at which we purchase the product for you and the one on the website is intended to cover the direct costs associated with the order: the clearing fee charged by PayPal or Stripe (if you pay by card)  and packaging and shipping costs.

We keep a minimum of expenses in place so we can continue to offer you the best possible prices: We do not rent fancy offices or spend huge sums on advertising.
We count on you to be our ambassadors, to tell your friends about your experience with us - and since our success depends on you, we truly try harder.

Our efforts are also reflected in the way we handle the packaging of your order - we do our best to make sure that on its way to you the products are not damaged. And yes, we also pamper customers with samples, gifts and sometimes new products to experiment and review - free of charge.

We do not compromise:
Product quality: You can find a huge range of Polish cosmetics on the internet at a great price. On our store you will only find high quality products. Not because we say that they are, but it was our customers who said so. As we wrote - we keep track of your posts and are attentive to criticism. This is our way to  guarantee - On our site you will find only serious brands whose product quality is undeniable.

Quality of information: The product pages on the site contain a lot of information about the products themselves, main indigence, how to use and other tips. We are working to make the entire site accessible in more languages (it will take some time, because professional translation of the information involves a considerable financial expense, which in light of our commitment to maintain a low price level - will take time to pay).

Quality of Service: We allow you to contact us in a variety of ways. Also through dedicated customer service interface - https://support.myprimarket.pl (promise to answer every inquiry within 24 hours at most), via phone +48 58 585 9595, via e-mail helpdesk@myprimarket.pl, through our Facebook page and also through WhatsApp and Telegram group.

Transparency: We don't hide from you anything and do everything we can to show you the full information. On our site you will find information about the shipments, the types of shipments and the prices of the shipments (according to weight), the order handling status from the time of receipt to delivery.

Price Comparison: With MyPrimarket you can be 100% sure that the best prices you have for the best products are also the cheapest. Our Price Comparison team ensures daily that the products offered by us are indeed the cheapest and that you will not find these products at cheaper prices.

Quality Assurance
Good value can't be measured by cost alone; MyPrimarket have an intense commitment to quality. We believe in using only the finest and high quality products, which are religiously tested for potency and purity, ensuring they match up to the high standards as possible.

MyPrimarket.com is a fast growing company owned and operated from Poland by MyPrimarket S.E. Lewis. We aim to satisfy and please our clients as we have the best products at the best available price. 

Our professional consultants will be happy to provide you with all information on our current products and offers.

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